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COON® Cheese is made in Australia. The brand name recognises the work of an American, Edward William Coon, who patented a unique ripening process that was used to manufacture the original COON® Cheese.

The manufacturing of COON® Cheese in Australia commenced in November 1935 and continued through to December 1942, when production ceased because of the war. It recommenced in June 1948 at Allansford in the Western District of Victoria, and at Quinalow on the Darling Downs in Queensland. At that time, it was made in traditional red waxed cloth wrapped 7 lb 'Rounds'. 'Red Coon', as it was known, became popular for its mature flavour and texture.

The production of COON® Cheese now takes place along the Great Ocean Road in Allansford by Warrnambool Cheese and Butter (WCB). The COON® Cheese product range includes Tasty, Colby and Light 'n Tasty and is available in blocks, slices, shred and snacks.


Back in the 1930's most of the cheese on the market in Australia was pretty bland. Poor manufacturing and distribution practices made the results from maturing cheese unreliable and people were asking for something tastier.

Fred Walker heard the call.

Fred was a Melbourne cheese maker. The Fred Walker Co. had been making Red Feather brand processed cheese for years. It was a great product, packed in sterile containers with a good shelf life, but Fred wanted to give his customers a tasty alternative. Something with a bit of a zing to it.

So he wrote to Edward William Coon in Philadelphia. He'd heard the man was pioneering the making of great tasting cheese. Edward Coon had developed a way to make fuller flavoured cheddar.


Fred steamed off to the US in the late 1920's to meet Edward Coon to learn more about his ripening process. He was impressed with Edward Coon's curing process, which achieved a tangy flavour and allowed cheese to be produced safely and reliably every time.

While Edward Coon may have developed the more efficient process, there was a COON® Cheese Factory operating near New York way back in 1870. So it's not clear who the first person was to make sharp tasting natural cheddar under the Coon family name, but it's safe to say the good Edward Coon revolutionised the art.


Returning to Australia, Fred formed the Kraft Walker Company with his new American partners, including JL Kraft, the founder of Kraft in the US, about this time and started making "Red COON®" cheddar by the end of 1933.

Wrapped in red wax, the tasty new brand was a hit with Australian tastebuds. Australians loved the taste, eating it in sandwiches, melting it on toast and no doubt washing a fair bit down with beer and bikkies.


The only thing that slowed down domestic consumption was the start of World War Two. Production of Red COON® Cheese stopped in 1942 as the whole factory swung into the production of 12 oz cans of processed cheese to feed the troops.

They started making good old Red COON® Cheese again after the war. However, the growth of supermarkets and refrigerated dairy cases and the use of pre-cut, pre-packed retail blocks of cheese in the 1950s made the red-waxed rounds a bit obsolete. So both the wax and the word "Red" got the chop and the cheese we grew up on became known simply as COON®Cheese.


Today COON® Cheese continues to be a staple in Australian fridges with nearly 1/3 of Australian households consuming COON® Cheese in the last year. The brand is having a renaissance under new owners WCB as it looks to promote what is good about the brand. The brand was back on TV in 2016, sponsored the Australian swim team and is bringing back the COON® Cheese Toastie with the COON® Cheese Toastie truck.